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Zhejiang Ruian Yongtai Packing Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd is specialized in producing complete sets of flexible packaging equipment and has a long history. We specially produce various plastic flexible package bag making machines, arc machines, hot cutting machines, heat sealing and cold cutting machines, automatic bag making machines, automatic thread-through and ribbon-through point-cut continuously-rolled bag making machines, point-cut continuously-rolled bag making machines, printing machines, film blowing machines, cross cutting machines, plastic and non-woven shoe cover making machines, various materials slitting machines, sleeve cover making machines, strip cap making machines, automobile steering wheel making machines, etc.

Since establishment, we continuously accumulate and innovate with the belief of "quality first and pursuit of excellence" as well as absorb reasonable advices from users. Our products have a complete range of specifications, excellent and reliable performance, reasonable price and thoughtful and timely after-sale services.

Facing the information industry in the new century, "Yongtai" people insist on the quality policy of "quality first, customer first" all along make decisions carefully, develop long-term plans, improve the operational mechanism and dedicate high quality products and efficient services to the society.

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